Saturday, March 5, 2011


first, a quick thought / reminder : make sure you post your images from friday's process crit on your blog. those pics will be a major contributor to your process grade. not all, of course, but a big part.

we talked briefly during the process crit friday about whether viewers will understand these images seeing them totally on their own, without some point of reference. well, i realized that's an unfair way to judge them because the whole point of giving them a "home" in a website (or book or poster or whatever) is because that object / medium becomes the delivery device and that delivery device is always situated in a larger context. people will not randomly see your image about "greed" out on the street because you are designing it to appear in a website alongside six other images, with a predetermined title page and introduction that sets up expectations for the images.

soooo, finalize your approaches to this project knowing that viewers will enter into the website seeing a title of "the seven deadly sins" or "the seven holy virtues" (refer to project sheet for exact language). that title will set up some expectations and conjure up some connotations, which you will then deliver in a most creative, engaging and memorable way. good luck!

Friday, March 4, 2011


your final project will be a set of published html docs, hosted on kcai servers. here's how to upload your files:

- from your desktop, go to "go > connect to server" (apple-k)
- in the "server address" box, input "afp://brutus"
- click "connect"
- input your kcai email username and password
- go to"design >
- drop html files in your folder
- be sure to name your title page "index.html"
- access files via a browser using