Thursday, February 17, 2011


for the "constructed image" project, each student will have two minutes to present their work to the museum exhibition coordinator (me) and explain how this is the proper image to promote the exhibit. consider the motivations and needs of the exhibition director:
- will they care how hard it was to rig the lighting?
- will they care about how many people come to the exhibit, and the role this piece plays in that?
- will they care about your process?
- will they care about how the subject's life is portrayed?
- will they care about the clarity and meaning of the image?

after each student's explanation, five minutes will be given for open class criticism.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


the issue of lighting was brought up in section two -- how to use the lights in the photo studio. well, i'm no expert, but i know a couple of tricks and i'm sure some of you do also. soooooo, let's do a little skill share after each critique during class on friday.

we will keep final crit concise and then go over the new project and any questions. then, we will go into the photo room with a few people's project setups and play around. so if a couple or three people from each section have simple and smallish setups still in studio, we will put those on the table/floor and play around a bit and share ideas and tricks. sound good?