Friday, April 8, 2011


here is the scoop on how crit will go and what you'll need to bring to present:

place on my CAS dropbox at least 10 min before class:
  • put the files specified below into a folder called "image-4-firstnameLastname"
  • a pdf presentation of images labeled "image-4-firstnameLastname-pres.pdf".
    in indesign, make your page size 1024 x 768 and drop in your image sequence. export to "smallest file size" pdf.
  • individual high quality jpgs or tifs of each image. label them "image-4-firstnameLastname1.tif", "image-4-firstnameLastname2.jpg", etc, etc

prepare a two-to-three-minute statement for the e-book publisher about why these covers are the ones to use. keep in mind that the work should speak for itself, but consider what you can say to further convince the client. consider the publisher's motivations (to sell books, but what else?). consider also the context, the reader's experience, and anything else you can use to build your case.

take this presentation seriously. many of you have not prepared well for past presentations and are not impressing me at all in this area. time to step it up.

you will then be the primary critic for the following classmate's project. your criticism will count toward your participation grade.

on your blog
post the final three book covers and a brief explanation of anything significant you learned from this process. the writing will count toward your participation grade.