Wednesday, February 9, 2011


regarding friday's process crit
bring a full-size (2' x 3' minimum) tiled print. black and white is acceptable but have the color image ready to show on your laptop.
this image will give you something to respond to. it will force you to make something rather quickly rather than languish in "concept land" forever. the sooner you make something, the faster you will progress toward making a great image. if time allows, do a couple of rounds of this. don't just throw stuff together and make one shot and print. try some variations. move things around. switch out objects. try different lighting. 

regarding connotation and denotation
today (wednesday) in section two we discussed what you photograph (denotation) vs how you photograph it (how connotations are created). this is directly from the "semiotics 2" lecture. consider how composition, lighting, relationships between objects, etc, all produce connotations, and thus, have meaning. example: an apple appearing very small on the poster, barely in a spotlight and off to one side may connote a shy person. an apple large on the page, in motion, at an angle, may connote a loud or flamboyant or active person. how you photograph your objects can be just as important as the objects themselves.

don't forget project requirements
- name
- quote
- minimum of three indices/symbols
- no icons

lemme know if you have questions or concerns. many of you have a lot to pull together for friday. good luck!

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