Tuesday, March 8, 2011


final critique will consist of in-class presentations of the work through projecting the websites and written peer critiques.

you will have two or three minutes to show off your website to the class and discuss what you learned through this process. it can be about concept development, iterations, working in a series, setting up photos, technical issues, anything you learned.

written peer critiques
before friday's class, post one screen grab of your website and title the post, "the seven deadly sins" or "the seven holy virtues" (or whatever your website title is). include the link to the site.
in class, you will comment on two classmates' posts, answering the following questions
  • how strong or memorable is the overall concept?
  • which images illustrate the sin/virtue the best and why?
  • which images need the most work and why?
  • what are the technical strengths/weaknesses of the work (lighting, tonal range, color, focus, etc)?
each round will last about 10 minutes.

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